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  • Listen to more than 5,000 CDs including all Naxos, Marco Polo and Dacapo recordings in FM quality
    sound (20Kbps)

  • Access to about 50 new releases per month as well as next month’s releases

  • Access to various genres recording including Classical, Historical, Film Music, Jazz/Blues, Nostalgia,
    and World/New Age
    Naxos Historical, Nostalgia, and Jazz Legends recordings are not available for audio streaming in the United States due
    to the uncertain legal situation regarding pre-1972 sound recordings

  • Access to sample video clips from the BBC/Opus Arte, TDK, Arthaus and EuroArts DVD catalogues

  • Access to all podcasts

  • Receive monthly e-newsletter

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Safari 1.0
Media Player 9.0
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Mac OS 10.4.x (Intel) Safari 2.0.4
Firefox 1.5
Media Player 9.0
(Setting: Open using Rosetta)

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Note: When using anti-virus applications, please allow activeX components to stream media files.

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Effective Date
 From 23/4/2024 to 30/4/2025

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If you decide to cancel your subscription, you may contact us through our customer service and we will review refund requests and advise you accordingly. Depending on your credit card statement date, you may not see the refund transaction until you receive the next statement in the following month.

Payments will be processed by HSBC. Charges will be shown as Naxos Digital Services Ltd. on your bank statement.

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